UDTKNWME, the screen name at least, started as a bit of a joke.

When IT people preach about the importance of password security, you should know that there’s always a story there. We don’t do that for no reason. And every IT person has their reasons.

UDTKNWME began at the end of an era of online screen names, in the midst of a nasty breakup, and an embarrassing bit of finding out how dark your day could get when you suddenly realize your ex has your password.

And that was a dark day, one email account served as a single point for many other accounts. Accounts I had had since the mid-1990s. Accounts attached to a world of people I knew online, many of whom I had no other way to get in touch with.

It was a sad reckoning when I realized that those accounts, those people, were lost to me.

But this allowed for a whole new me to be born. UDTKNWME (You Don’t Know Me). Eventually, the idea to create UDTKNWME the computer company became Mystic Computers, but as we add clients, each has a story, and UDTKNWME is a part of that story.

As the person, UDTKNWME, and as the embodiment of helping each client bring together their digital identity, for themselves and their businesses, and allow them to tell their story, UDTKNWME is here for them.