Wild, Wonderful Infectious Diseases: New WV Slogan is Catching

From the great brain trust of West Virginia, it’s elected officials and their “Ok Google, what’s the shortest path to Almost Hell West Virginia” ilk, comes a wonderful new express lane for getting there. In Health department suspends needle-exchange portion of harm reduction clinic, The Gazette-Mail—The Charleston, WV based newspaper burdened with the soul-crushing task of keeping us informed regarding the antics and hijinks of our seemingly brain-damaged state capital—gives us a look at the brilliant plan to reduce crime and start a new epidemic from Police Chief Steve Cooper and Mayor Danny Jones. Ill-contented with the pace of our state’s race to last place in everything, Cooper and Jones have apparently made it their mission to manipulate policy intended to facilitate discretion, common sense, and flexibility in implementing harm reduction efforts, choosing instead to eradicate the intelligent efforts to keep people alive and healthy. Can’t say these two are soft on crime, they are rock hard on property theft, and they are gleeful at the opportunity to shove their drooling members into public health to prove that virility. Continue reading “Wild, Wonderful Infectious Diseases: New WV Slogan is Catching”

Taking Control: Suicide of a Friend

Monday seemed like it was set to be a rather uneventful day. True, I had to go to the Post Office and mail some things (a rare occurrence), but other than that, just do some studying, clean the house, and otherwise have a forgettable day. And then, a Facebook post about the suicide of a mutual friend. “What?!”

Part of me wants to be upset, rage at the world about “how does this happen,” to be furious that there wasn’t more I could offer him, that I didn’t have the insight to offer, that the world couldn’t have been a better place for him. The situation of his life had become quite dire in the last year in a half and left him feeling like a square peg struggling to survive in a world full of round holes. A kind and beautiful soul, liked and loved, but feeling like a houseguest that had overstayed his welcome. There didn’t seem to be a way forward, financially tapped out, that wonderful soul trapped in a body that was failing, in a world that felt rejecting.

And I can’t say that I don’t understand it. I can’t say that I can’t see where he was coming from, that I didn’t see him painted into a corner with no way out. I don’t think anyone wanted to see it, that we were all hoping for a tomorrow that will never come. A day in which his problems would lessen, a job offer would arrive, his health would improve. A day in which the storm would finally pass and he would find himself standing in the sun. Continue reading “Taking Control: Suicide of a Friend”